*Marcie's innovative approach to holistic life coaching is just what I needed! Her use of the oracle card reading in our session made our time fun, insightful, and was just the gentlest push in the right direction. She has the distinct ability to tune into the client, tap in, and deliver powerful results, in the way that most benefits them. I was in a super delicate state, and Marcie was always sensitive to how and what I was feeling and constantly checked in with me to see if I was comfortable. I truly believe in her talents and I am certain she will help a lot of people make the necessary shifts in their life, however small or life changing they may be. Thank you, Marcie!  

- Lee Z., Poet, Halandale Beach, Florida


*Marcie is very special and truly gifted! She creates a warm welcoming and sacred space for engagement even through Skype! As a chaplain, presence and holding a sacred space is crucial for the Divine messages to surface and I recognize Marcie's gift of presence. Her love and excitement for the exploration and discovery of the soul's journey through cards is beautifully rich and enchanting. Marcie intuitively and freely serves as a divine channel to confirm and affirm life experience. Marcie's authentic intuitive guidance inspired and uplifted me and is now supporting me on my next steps along my career and life path. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to work with Marcie. She sent me my cards and I can easily refer back to them and have my inspiration renewed! Marcie and her spiritual gifts are truly a treasure!

- Candi Wuhrman, Chaplain, Murrieta, California

* Marcie has a phenomenal innate sense when it comes to reading body language and assessing challenges. With a focus on the remedy, she also inspires you to deal with your present reality in a more peaceful manor allowing you to gain deeper insights into your soul.  

- Rona Witek, Dir. New Business Dev. & Mrs. Florida 1997

*Marcie brought me light and strength at a moment when I was feeling down and frail. She helped me reconnect to my inner self where I found the positive ideas to push me forward and up again. Her influence was instant. It's all in the mind, and Marcie knew just how to guide mine back towards the light. A blessing.

M. Shaka, Yoga Instructor, France


*A session with Marcie is like a visit to an inner spa, where you feel nurtured, heard, and gently guided toward toward what it is your soul wants you to hear. She is a gifted, compassionate guide, intuitive and coach who delivers the truth in a healing way that will have you dancing toward your destiny.

Cynthia Daddona, Author of "Diary of A Modern Day Goddess"

*It has been a great honor and privilege to have worked with Marcie Lakin as an Eco-Make up artist and as a Life Coach. She has helped guide me through some extremely difficult life challenges with her compassionate heart and inner wisdom. She intuitively knows the words and ways to guide you through a transformational experience of heart and mind. She is definitely in the line of work of her spirit's calling and I feel grateful to have her in my life. 

Love & Light  - Karmen M. Plasencia, Massage Therapist & Yoga Instructor

*Marcie is a resourceful and gifted coach who helped me reach a more spiritual perspective on my situation. She also has a delightful honesty and sense of humor!

- Kathleen Wood Park, Parent Coach 

*I had a great coaching experience Marcie Lakin. She is positive, intuitive, warm, and compassionate, brings light and has a deep understanding of wellbeing in the body and mind.

Marcie came up with good, concrete ideas to support me do things with no guilt, after she asked into my needs, feelings & dreams.

 Marcie Inspired me to connect with my body and mind and listen to myself, and do the things that make me happy in life. She has a a lot to give & her heart is in it. She is very intuitive and intelligent. Marcie can inspire to heal, relax and enjoy life more, connect to the belief of 'miracles' and spirituality in general! I can feel a real person, not just a coach. She has great intuition. Marcie is very supportive. She has a healers energy and a natural love of people. Marcie can help people trust and listen to themselves on a deep level. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach. 

Best Regards, - Malene Heerup, Artist, Denmark

*I had a coaching session with Marcie and am so grateful for her kind and intuitive nature. She is able to tune into my needs and guide me to focus on key areas of my life that needed to be prioritized. I am forever grateful to Marcie and recommend her to bring out your best!

Michelle Alva, Physical Therapist 

*Having a reading by Marcie is quite remarkable.  She helps you to relax and take in everything she is saying to you from her heart.  She instills trust and has great energy.  She was quite accurate with my situation.  I believe she is a natural born Reader.  Anyone who goes to Marcie will receive spot on advice and won’t be disappointed. Marcie has a real gift for this type of work. -Tricia Galligan

*I highly recommend Marcie Lakin's readings, she is awesome and very accurate...I thank you for the enlightening card reading! The coaching you offer is on point and very intuitive...thank you so very much Marcie. Silvia Rojas, Psychologist

*Marcie's card readings are wonderfully insightful and helped realign me with my divine essence. A great deal of guidance came through about areas of my life which needed clarity. I am deeply grateful for her genuine care and attentiveness throughout our sessions.  Heidi Drechsler, Writer & Editor

*I had a reading from Marcie the other week and I loved it. It was a very spot on reading with lots of inuitive coaching that really helped me to make the move in the right direction for me. Marcie has a very warm and loving energy that makes you feel very safe and comfortable. Thank you Marcie!

Love, Jessica Eriksson, Soul Coach, England

*I had a very nice session with Marcie. She was authentic and warm. She made time for the session and put a lot of care into it. I was pleasantly surprised at the flow of the cards and enjoyed the messages. Marcie is absolutely wonderful.

B. Ali., Community Rehab Coordinator

*Thank you Marcie for your fun and enlightening Soul Coaching oracle card reading session. I was quite amazed how right on your intuitiveness and that the cards were spot on in my life right now and excited about what is to come!

I'm going to put my creative hat again and reconnect with my art that awakenened my inner joy that I stepped away from. I will Live my truth and Step into my Grace. Commit to self and to build my success starting from my state of mind as I work thru my obstacles and honoring self 1st. Believing the best is yet to come. See it. Believe it. My silent retreat has been for my best and highest good as I emerge from the clouds as my new life is busting out of an eggshell with renewal and more success and things will fall into place magically and will I WILL be reinfused with MORE electricity!!
Whoo whoo! - 
Sheri Kaplan, Intuitive Energy Healer

*My experience having a reading was exactly right on. With her gifts, she was able to tell me what I needed to know so that I could make the changes to my life. My questions were answered in a very compassionate way. I would recommend her to anyone looking for answers! - Gina Adducci Strong

*I really want to thank you for our card reading session together. I felt so inspired, and uplifted afterwards. You gave me some amazing insights and aha-moments. You made me feel very relaxed and safe, you held my space and gave me gentle guiding in a very loving and compassionate way. It was a wonderful experience.

I hope we'll get in touch again, Love and light - Kajsa Ahman, Quantum Success Coach, Sweden


*Marcie, I wanted to thank you so much for the card reading today. I enjoyed it thoroughly. You have a very calming presence which put me at ease instantly. Your insights of my energy were so accurate and your interpretation from the messages that came through the cards are so aligned with my life at the moment. You gave me so many great suggestions about what to focus on now and ideas to pursue to take the next step in my career. I am so very grateful for your generosity of time for this reading. You were a pleasure to meet.
Blessings and much love to you ♥♥♥ - 
Lucia Ciccone, Dental Hygienist/ Reiki Practitioner

*Marcie has a unique way of communicating and nurturing, while guiding you to be your best possible self. Prior to our session, I admitted to her how skeptical I was. She was understanding and appreciative. My best advice would be to listen to what she tells you with an open mind and open heart. Use your best judgement after that. Everyone has good days and bad days, that's life. By utilizing her talent, wisdom and kind heart, she had me look at areas of my life from a different perspective I had never thought about.

-Jason L., Project Manager