as the leading company in this industry, 世界杯预选赛赛程 technology focuses on the development based on customer requirements, and has established strict management system, inspection standard and professional quality management team.

about us

about us

shenzhen 世界杯预选赛赛程 technology co., ltd

factory address: pingshan district, shenzhen, china. net worth: 800 million. employee: 870 peoples (over 500 technical staff, including 150 research staff, over 150 professional after sale engineer). scale of production: shenzhen factory: over 50000㎡, in charging for assembling, debugging and storage. huizhou machining factory: over 15000㎡, huizhou metal sheet processing factory: over 20000㎡.

  • icon01800 millionnet worth
  • icon02870 peoplesemployee
  • icon03over 50000㎡scale of production